Slash & Burn (October 2014)

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  • Song Name: Slash & Burn (October 2014)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Slash & Burn
  • Year: October 2014

Six spooktacular stories on the theme of Slash & Burn, featuring ghosts, cowboys, psychic twins, murderous rats, deals with the devil and Spock and Kirk in a clinch.

Ghost Story by Niall Boyce, read by Peter Noble
Down to One by Shenoa Carroll-Bradd bread by Martine Richards
The Twelve O'Clock by Liam Hogan, read by Silas Hawkins
He Slashed some Lines for Whiskers by David Turnbull, read by Gloria Sanders
Greenwich, Noon by Vincent Kelly, read by Jennifer Tan
Slash Friction by Alan Graham, read by Linda Large