Small & Beautiful 11th Birthday Flash Fiction Special (April 2018)

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  • Song Name: Small & Beautiful 11th Birthday Flash Fiction Special (April 2018)
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  • Year: April 2018

From action heroes to Irish farmers, murderers to museum guards, via cuckolds, crosswords, paint colours, relationship sommeliers and a man who starts growing balloons all over his body, we read ten wild, weird and wonderful flash fiction stories at our 11th birthday special on Tuesday 10th April.

Mugged by Stephen Baily, read by Miranda Harrison
The Last Real Thing by MFC Feeley, read by James Price
Lighter than Air by Anton Rose read by Miranda Harrison
Wine Frame of Mind by Joseph Francis, read by James Price
Action by William Conway, read by Rich Keeble
Mandatory Meeting for Museum Guards Before The VIP + Members' Exhibition Opening Reception by Rachel Karyo NEW AUTHOR, read by Keleigh Wolf
Chiaroscuro by Richard Shury, read by Rich Keeble
Decluttering by Sue Smith, read by Claire Lacey
24 Tiny Tales by Andreas Paraskevaides, read by Claire Lacey & Will Goodhand
Losers by Nicolas Ridley read by Will Goodhand