Cloak & Dagger (Nov 2013) Part 1 inc. Notes of a Note-taking Man, The Mushroom Hunters, and Musique

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  • Song Name: Cloak & Dagger (Nov 2013) Part 1 inc. Notes of, Mushroom Hunters, and Musique
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Cloak & Dagger
  • Year: November/2013

Three stories from the first half of our November Cloak & Dagger event, including:

1. NOTES OF A NOTE-TAKING MAN by Paul Flack, read by Andrew Baguley
"I had been observing a young woman and decided to call her Teacup. She became a feature in my daily journal, though it wasn’t her alone that triggered my interest. Ten minutes after her arrival each morning a man would join her. He wore a wedding ring. She did not."

2. THE MUSHROOM HUNTERS by James Field, read by Clareine Cronin
Two brothers have spent their whole lives engaged in a friendly competition for mushrooms deep within the forests of Northern Italy, until one brother takes the game down a darker path...

3. MUSIQUE by Barry McKinley, read by Paul Clarke
"Mac and Kevin stood in the Young Ireland Ballroom and studied the strange gyrating creatures. There was nothing even remotely attractive to the eye in the posturing and prancing and posing, but that didn't matter because Mac and Kevin hadn't come for the dancing."

All stories were read at the Liars' League CLOAK & DAGGER event on Tuesday, 12th November 2013 at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, London. /