Truth & Dare (March 2014)

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  • Song Name: Truth & Dare (Mar 2014)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: TRUTH & DARE
  • Year: March 2014

We asked for tales of honesty, bravery and Spin the Bottle. What we got was snipe, booze, Central African corruption, coups, Hoxton tw*ts, naked photography and Death personified, twice. Enjoy.

1) 00:00 UPWARDS BEHIND THE ONSTREAMING ... by Philip Suggars, read by Tony Bell
2) 11:55 BARRETT by Ursula Dewey, read by Beverley Longhurst
3) 27:00 SNIPE HUNTER by Eleanore Etienne, read by Clive Greenwood
4) 41:40 LET THERE BE LIGHT by Kassalina Boto, read by Saul Reichlin
5) 59:25 DO YOU DARE ME TO CROSS THE LINE? by Mike Clarke, read by Alex Woodhall