Weird & Wonderful (June 2014)

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  • Song Name: Weird & Wonderful, June 2014
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Weird & Wonderful
  • Year: June 2014

Weird is wonderful: normal is nowhere. From the slightly quirky to the downright impossible, our June stories feature tree gods, disappearing dogs, suburban centaurs, psychopathic doppelgangers, a memory palace and a cynical mermaid.

That Which We Leave by Pat Black, read by Grace Cookey-Gam
Hard Times by Ruth Brandt, read by Susan Moisan
Single, Yellow, Male by Giles Anderson, read by Greg Page
The Real McCoy by (the award-winning!) Cherry Potts, read by Lin Sagovsky

For bonus stories and readings (of The Real McCoy, by Louisa Gummer, and Becoming by Kate Weinberg, read by Charlotte Worthing) please visit