Sons & Daughters (July 2014)

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  • Song Name: Sons & Daughters (July 2014)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Sons & Daughters
  • Year: July 2014

An eclectic family of foul-mouthed little girls, macho dads, promiscuous mums, wayward sons, and pig-eating cows (don't ask). Also, Star Wars, Star Trek, H2G2, the Princess Bride and other geekiness ...

Quick Little Shot by Tom Weller *NEW AUTHOR* - read by David Mildon
I'm Your Son by Joshua Osto *NEW AUTHOR* - read by Eileen Pollock
Blessed are the Geek by Liam Hogan - read by Clive Greenwood
Innocence by Chris Tucker *NEW AUTHOR* - read by Alex Woodhall
A Day for the Ducks by David McGrath - read by Gloria Sanders