Beauty & Beast (August 2014)

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  • Song Name: Beauty & Beast (August 2014)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Beauty & Beast
  • Year: August 2014

Six stories to make you swoon! For beauties we have trapped princesses, naked cyclists, naive tourists and Russian ballerinas, and beasts include stallions, stag beetles, llamas, swans and a real live dragon. The order of performance is as follows:
1) CAGES by Joanne L. M. Williams, read by Susan Moisan
2) KARMA by Stephanie Brann, read by Sarah Feathers
3) BALLERINAS ACROSS THE ANDES by Owen Booth, read by Adam Diggle
4) THE SWAN by Caroline Greene, read by Greg Page
5) CITY GIRL by Melanie White, read by Grace Cookey-Gam
6) NAKED by David McGrath, read by Charlotte Worthing