Boom & Bust (March 2015)

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  • Song Name: Boom & Bust (March 2015)
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  • Year: March 2015

This month's four winning stories feature Polish pick-up artists, financial cruelty, Deptford dockers, people jumping off buildings, Japanese translators and really a LOT of swearing. (Fly Like a Dolphin is definitely NSFW).

Black Cod by Gregory Jackson, read by Gloria Sanders
The Chip on your Shoulder by Imogen Hermes Gowar *NEW AUTHOR*, read by Lois Tucker *NEW ACTOR*
Fly Like a Dolphin by Rob Passmore *NEW AUTHOR*, read by Max Berendt

Button B by Niall Boyce, read by Greg Page
Your Next Bestseller: "A Collateralised Debt Obligation Too Far" by J.P.E. Bucket by Kassalina Boto, read by Peter Noble
The Project by Anna Mazzola, read by Michael Lyle

NB: The Wallet (RADIO 4 CHOICE) by Joshan Esfandiari Martin, read by David Mildon is excluded from podcast until after BBC broadcast in April.