Dungeons & Dragons (July 2015)

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  • Song Name: Dungeons & Dragons (July 2015)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Dungeons & Dragons
  • Year: July 2015

"You find yourself in a low tavern, surrounded by all manner of disreputable, strangely-dressed cityfolk sweating profusely as they order tankards of the head-spinning local ale. Suddenly a thin, intense-looking man strides on stage and cries "WELCOME to Liars' League!" And your breathtaking quest begins ..."

On your journey, you will encounter Welsh chimaeras, monster-haunted labyrinths, well-endowed Amazonian swordswomen, feisty princesses and probably the scariest literary dragon since Smaug. Hang on to your polyhedral dice, brave adventurer - it's going to be quite a ride.