Justice & Mercy (March 2016)

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  • Song Name: Justice & Mercy (March 2016)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Justice & Mercy
  • Year: March 2016

A criminally good line-up of fiction, featuring disputed virginity and disgraced royalty, absconding prisoners, eager-to-please executioners, a taste of post-apocalyptic justice, and the thoughts of an actual fly on the wall.

JUSTICE & MERCY WINNING STORIES (in order of performance)
Crimes of Passion by Michael Skansgaard *NEW AUTHOR* read by Silas Hawkins
Judgement Day by James Smyth read by Miranda Harrison
Jailbreak by Steve Moran *NEW AUTHOR* read by Lin Sagovsky
Mercy Road by Liam Hogan read by Jim Cogan
Rated by Matthew Harrison *NEW AUTHOR* read by Carrie Cohen
The H-Meister Gets Hitched by Quintin Forrest read by Alex Woodhall