100th event: Hundreds & Thousands (April 2016)

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  • Song Name: 100th event: Hundreds & Thousands (April 2016)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Hundreds & Thousands
  • Year: April 2016

Ten stories of one hundred or one thousand words each to celebrate our hundredth event; featuring life, death, sex, money, darts, clocks, supercomputers, magical curses, balding, and the difference between Woody Allen and Woody Harrelson.

(100) One Hundred Years by Joanne L. M. Williams, read by Lois Tucker
(1000) Ripples by Jason Jackson, read by Greg Page
(100) Uncle Phil by Tom McColl, read by Nicholas Delvallé
(1000) Candle by Liam Hogan, read by Sarah Feathers
(100) Impact by Katy Darby, read by Judith Quin
(1000) Baldhead by Sean Preston, read by Adam Diggle
(100) Life. Sentence. by Gordon Williams, read by Carrie Cohen.
(1000) One Thousand Rupees by Abigail Lee, read by Nicholas Delvallé
(100) Fifteen by Joanne L. M. Williams, read by Miranda Harrison
(1000) Asking Friends by Guy Russell, read by Gloria Sanders