Stage & Screen (May 2016)

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  • Song Name: Stage & Screen (May 2016)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Stage & Screen
  • Year: May 2016

Enjoy explosions, escapes, killer gum, beastly satire, Shakespeare, and murders which are almost certainly sexually motivated in our showbiz spectacular!

One Beautiful Day by Elizabeth Stott, read by Carrie Cohen
Proving Grounds by Sunny Teich, read by Gloria Sanders
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Pig by Bernard O'Keeffe, read by Nicky Diss
Wet Patch & the Wad by David Turnbull, read by Greg Page
The Mad Scene by Tom Heaton, read by Sarah Feathers
Trutch! or Chekhov's Woman by Dan Timms, read by Nick Delvalle