Genius & Madness (July 2016)

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  • Song Name: Genius & Madness (July 2016)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Genius & Madness
  • Year: July 2016

Six stories of creativity & insanity: naked artists & obsessive scientists, Apple "geniuses" & prog-rock guitarists, ingenues & surrealists, crazy love & beautiful misfits ...

Last Night by Peter Higgins, read by Jim Cogan
I Married a Lunatic by Thomas Kearnes, read by David Mildon
1% Inspiration by Brigid Mahony, read by Grace Cookey-Gam & Tim Larkfield
The Persistence of Mnemosyne by Michael Skansgaard, read by Gabriel Moreno
The Schoendecker Archive by Joel Blackledge, read by Gloria Sanders
The Island of Kevin Quickfingers by Alan Graham, read by Tony Bell