Gods & Mortals

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  • Song Name: Gods & Mortals (September 2016)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Gods & Mortals
  • Year: September 2016

In our divine selection of six stories this month we have a sassy Satan, a Yorkshire Charon, the Irish god of poetry and love Aengus Og, the Almighty himself in a Mexican prison, Dionysus at AA, Baron Samedi on a Bradford bus, and, of course, guineapigs. Not forgetting the infamous Liars' League Book Quiz!

A Place to Dump Guinea Pigs by David Hartley *NEW AUTHOR*, read by Greg Page
The Wings of Aengus Og by Sandi Leibowitz *NEW AUTHOR*, read by Lin Sagovsky
One Day at a Time by Abigail Lee, read by Jim Cogan
The Beginning of Wisdom by Raymond Walker *NEW AUTHOR*, read by Louisa Gummer
The Divine Committee of San Miguel el Grande by Benjamin Verran *NEW AUTHOR*, read by Clive Greenwood
Ticket to Ride by Elizabeth Hopkinson, read by Sarah Feathers