Death & Taxes (October 2017) HALLOWEEN EDITION

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  • Song Name: Death & Taxes (October 2017) HALLOWEEN EDITION
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Death & Taxes (HALLOWEEN EDITION)
  • Year: October 2017

Six spine-shuddering stories to tax your courage to the very limit! Whether you're a bereaved lover or an insurance hawker, a hapless (soon to be limbless) couch potato or officially dead - from rural pig-farm to suburban slaughterhouse, there is no escape from Death & Taxes!

DEATH & TAXES WINNING STORIES (in running order)
Number 35 by Joshua Osto, read by Lin Sagovsky
Raising Taxes by Jennifer Rickard, read by Louisa Gummer
A Piece of Me by Matt Kimmich *NEW AUTHOR*, read by Anton Thompson-McCormick
Render Unto Caesar by Tom Heaton, read by Greg Page
LifePlan by Liam Hogan, read by Carrie Cohen
The R27s by Anna Savory *NEW AUTHOR*, read by Susan Moisan