Naughty & Nice Christmas Show (December 2018)

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  • Song Name: Naughty & Nice Christmas Show (December 2018)
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  • Year: December 2018

We made our list, we checked it twice ... and here are the winning stories which were read at our tinsel-tastic Christmas show NAUGHTY & NICE in December 2018. We had seasonal shoplifting, sexy sourdough, kidnapped presents, one VERY naughty little girl and what happens when Santa meets the Special Forces ...

Gluten Tolerant by Mike Clarke - read by Amy Neilson Smith
The Man who brought Gold by Mark Sadler - read by Sophie Cartman
Mr Cromerty of Boston by Richard Smyth - read by David Mildon
Christman's Present by Lauren van Schaik NEW AUTHOR - read by Lois Tucker
Santa: Judgement Day by Dennis Zaslona NEW AUTHOR - read by Rich Keeble

And if you like this, you'll love our bonus podcast story "And Following This, the Queen's Speech" by Elizabeth Hopkinson, read by Gloria Sanders - released on Christmas Eve!