Heart & Soul Christmas Show (December 2020)

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  • Song Name: Heart & Soul Christmas Show (December 2019)
  • Artist: Liars' League
  • Album: Heart & Soul
  • Year: December 2020

Five brand-new stories, set in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the far future, to warm your cockles and ginger your bread: they feature lockdown hook-ups, accidental babies, drones, droids, zombies (obviously) and some truly appalling things coming down chimneys.

Lookin Up by Emma Grae, read by Lois Tucker
Last Christmas by Rhys Timson, read by Tony Bell
The Annunciation by David Gill, read by Lin Sagovsky
A Pear for an Urchin by David Turnbull, read by Claire Louise Amias
An Irish Christmas by David McGrath, read by the author

Recorded live at The Nag's Head, Covent Garden, London, on Tuesday 8th December 2020.