Friends & Family Christmas Stories (December 2021)

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  • Song Name: Friends & Family Christmas Stories (December 2021)
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  • Album: Friends & Family (Christmas Stories)
  • Year: December 2021

The line up for our festive FRIENDS & FAMILY show features everything you need for the perfect Christmas:

1) Terrible Yuletide telly (Christmas Special by Rhys Timson, read by Patsy Prince)
2) Lying awake worrying about stuff (Uhtceara by E. J. Fry, read by Peter Kenny)
3) Murder (Practically Family by Rosa Müller, read by Claire Louise Amias)


4) Drunken rows over the turkey (Just a Nice Family Christmas by E. P. Henderson, read by Lucy Mabbitt)
5) a little bit of Christmas magic (Cocktails and Candy Canes by Pete Armstrong, read by Tony Bell)
6) Soul-shaking sex (Jesús, Mary & Joseph Try for a Christmas Orgasm by Dave McGrath, read by the author)

Merry Christmas and you're welcome! :)

PS Watch out for our separate Stocking Special - Baking Day by Angela Sherlock, read by Lin Sagovksy