There & Back Tales of Travel (June 2022)

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  • Song Name: There & Back Tales of Travel (June 2022)
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  • Year: June 2022

In flaming June, we present tales of travel & abroad: a bulging suitcase of stories to take you from the frozen lakes of Hell to the sweltering cities of North Africa, via Northern Ireland, fantasy-world theme parks, a trip up the Amazon and a slip back in time.

Destinations include: The Yorkshire Dales, Alexandria, Hades, Narnia, Belfast, the mysterious South American kingdom of Guatelumbia
Methods of travel: On foot, Charon's ferry, Egyptian microbus, Gerry's Famous Belfast Taxi Tour, Spanish galleon & stolen unicorn.

(Host: Liam Hogan)
To Saad Zaghloul by the Sea by Guy Howie, read by Stephen Butterton
On the Corpse Way by Dan Hinge, read by Lin Sagovsky
Worldly Goods by Cheryl Powell, read by Tony Bell
Billy and Gerry by Will Mann, read by Jeremiah O'Connor
The Land the World Forgot by Ibar Murphy, read by Katy Darby
Holiday Wardrobe by James Burt, read by Jennifer Aries