Mix & Match Valentine Stories

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  • Artist: Liars' League
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  • Year: February 2024

From office romances to vengeful fairies and laundromats to lunatic asylums, via kleptomania and commuting bears, we've a tasty selection of seductive stories for you to enjoy from our Valentine's Eve special! Listen on your own or share with a loved one (or two, or three ...

Introduction - Host Liam Hogan

"Thrill" by Georgina Sims, read by Gloria Sanders
"An Evening at the Faeling Cafe" by Charlotte Davis, read by Sophie Morris-Sheppard
"The Sea Captain and the Mad Doctor" by Lianne Warr, read by Tony Bell
"What Was and What Is" by Kathryn Sharpe, read by Katy Darby
"Somebody" by Lanay Griessner, read by Lucy Mabbitt
"Silver Lining" by Ricardo Visinho, read by Paul Clarke

Director & Editor - Katy Darby